Ground School

Aviation Future Ground School

AVIATION FUTURE GROUNDSCHOOL will offer exceptional standardized and professional teaching services to all to our prospective students (covering Ab-initio courses throughout Private Pilot Licensing to finally helping prospects acquire their Commercial Pilot Licence). We will also ensure that we work tirelessly to meet and surpass all our students’ expectations and educational goals whenever our services are subscribed.

AVIATION FUTURE GROUNDSCHOOL our students’ overall best interest will always come first, whereas everything taught and brought to our attention will be guided by our core values and professional ethics. We will also ensure that we hold ourselves accountable to the highest standards – by meeting our students’ needs precisely and completely, as well cultivate a working environment that provides a more humanly and sustainable approach to earning a living, and living in our world, for our partners, employees and for our students.

GROUNDSCHOOL will be teaching subjects within the scope set out by the South African Civil Aviation Authority training syllabus. No need to hurriedly read through manuals, with half-baked knowledge.

Getting to rewrite an examination gives the student a second chance at rectifying their initial mistakes. Unfortunately, cases might not be the same when flying and the student encounters a scenario where he or she could have been well prepared for, by putting together the information gathered from the different subject(s) studied during GROUNDSCHOOL. Pass mark for the examination is 75%, with Groundschool we aim high to hit the target.

GROUNDSCHOOL for Private Pilot Licence Subjects:

  • Principles of flight
  • Aircraft technical and General
  • Human performance
  • Air law
  • Meteorology
  • Flight Planning
  • Navigation
  • Radio Licence

Enrolment for Private Pilot Licence GroundSchool is on. Making booking through

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