Commercial Pilot License (CPL)

The Commercial Pilot Licence allows you to enter the ever growing commercial and airline world of aviation. As a commercial pilot you may fly as pilot in command, for remuneration, any aircraft certified for single pilot operations on which you are rated. You may operate as a co-pilot, for remuneration (once you have completed the type-specific training) on any medium size commercial aircraft certified for multi crew operations. It is obvious that the CPL is required should a career in aviation be your dream.

Requirements for the issue of a Commercial Pilot’s Licence (CPL):

  • Be 18 years or older;
  • Hold a valid Class 1 medical certificate, issued in terms of Part 67;
  • Hold at least a valid general certificate of proficiency in radiotelephony (aeronautical).
  • Produce evidence of holding or having held, within the previous 60 months, a South African PPL
  • Hold a valid night rating.
  • Have passed the theoretical knowledge examination.
  • Must have completed not less than 200 hours of flight time, which may include 20 hours of flight instruction time in a FSTD, approved for the purpose. Of which 100 hours as Pilot in Command (PIC), 20 hours of cross-country flight time as PIC, including one flight of not less than 300 NM, in the course of which full-stop landings at not less than two different aerodromes away from base must have been made; and 5 hours of night flying as PIC, including not less than 10 take-offs and 10 landings by night, and a cross-country flight of at least three legs, each of a minimum length of 50 NM; and 20 hours of instrument instruction time, of which not more than 10 hours may have been acquired in a FSTD; and least 5 hours instruction in an aeroplane with adjustable flaps, retractable undercarriage and variable pitch propeller or turbojet engine.
  • You must complete a CPL General Flight Test in a complex-type aircraft (one that has adjustable flaps, retractable undercarriage and a constant-speed propeller), conducted by a Grade I Designated Flight Examiner (DFE).
  • Upon accumulating the required flight time in your logbook, and passed the practical flight test, the necessary paperwork will be put together and then sent to the South African Civil Aviation Authority SA-CAA, with the applicable fees paid, and Private Pilot Licence will be upgraded and a Commercial Pilot Licence will be issued.

Please take a close look at the requirements.

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