Multi-Engine Rating

Multi-engine aeroplanes give you the ability to fly faster, travel farther and carry more payload than most single engine aeroplanes. Most have more systems and controls than their single engine counterparts. This requires an expansion of your piloting skills and system knowledge. During your training you will learn how to fly with both engines operating normally and you will learn the procedure and techniques of flying with one engine inoperative.

Multi-Engine Briefing 7Hours R400.00 R2800.00
Dual Initial & ME Piper PA-34 Seneca 6Hours R5500.00 R33,000.00
Dual Initial & Simulator Instruction ME (FNPT II) 3Hours R1000.00 R3000.00
Multi-Engine Flight Test 1Hour R5500.00 R5500.00
TOTAL R44,300.00

Prices quoted above are subject to fuel, maintenance and insurance fluctuations. This estimation is based on the minimum requirements as stipulated in the Civil Aviation Regulations. It is often unrealistic to achieve competence within the minimum time stipulated, thus additional instruction hours on the aircraft may be required.

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