Night Rating

The second phase towards your career as an Airline Pilot or even recreational flying, Navigating the skies even after sunset. Definition: Night means the period from fifteen minutes after sunset to fifteen minutes before sunrise. Flight training will be done a Single Engine Piston Aircraft, options of aircraft available are Cessna 150L, Cessna 172N or a Piper Cherokee Pa28-140E.

Dual Instrument Flight Training 8Hours R1850.00 R14,800.00
Dual Simulator Instruction (FNPT II) 5Hours R1000.00 R5000.00
Briefing (Required SACAA Law) Minimum** 5hours R400.00 R2000.00
Dual Night Navigation & Circuit Training 5Hours R1850.00 R9250.00
Night Rating Flight Test 1.5Hours R1850.00 R1850.00
TOTAL R32,900.00

Prices quoted above are subject to fuel, maintenance and insurance fluctuations. This estimation is based on the minimum requirements as stipulated in the Civil Aviation Regulations. It is often unrealistic to achieve competence within the minimum time stipulated, thus additional instruction hours on the aircraft may be required.

  • You must have a valid Private Pilots; Licence (PPL).
  • You will be required to write the Night Rating exam. Pass mark 75%.

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Duration: 24.5
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